Changes in Regulation of Contest prize accounts

Dear clients!

Due to market volatility (referendum in the UK and its implications for the market) regulation for the withdrawal of profit obtained by trading in competitive prize accounts was changed from 11.07.2016. Please refer to the new regulations.

Regulations of trading and withdrawal profits from trading on the Prize funds:

1. Trade is carried out on the ECN Standard account with a leverage of 1: 100.
2. The customer can withdraw profits from trading on the Prize funds in the ratio of not less than 1: 3 to the prize money (i.e. win $500, the amount of output should be at least $1500).
3. Withdrawals can be carried out only to the bank account (if such a conclusion is not possible, please contact Customer Support, we will consider any other way with the client covering 100% of the commission).
4. The Commission for the withdrawal of income from the prize money paid by the customer.
5. Any instruments available for trading – FX, metals, commodities, indices, CFDs.
6. Available any trading strategy – trading on the news, EAs, scalping, hedging.
7. On these accounts «Atirox Reward» program points are charged.
8. If within 40 days of the trader is unable to fulfill the conditions of the rules, trading in the prize account is terminated.

Atirox Company apologizes for Amendments to the Regulations of profits withdrawal. These changes are due to high market volatility, and increased level of risk in the Forex market.