How to become a copy follower - full manual

An account participating in other services of a company cannot be registered as Copy Master or Copy - Follower.

1. Register Atirox profile by filling out all the form fields on the registration page.

Atirox Registration page

2. Login your profile and open any trading account in your personal cabinet.

Opening Atirox trading account

3. Receive confirmation email with the data from your new trading account (You need Login and Trader password).

Atirox Email confirmation

4. Register in the copy system using the same email that you used to register the Atirox profile.

Registration page of Atirox Copy system

- Now log in the Copy system and add your trading account previously registered in the personal cabinet from step 2 to the Copy System. In order to do this, you need to click "Add Account" in the top menu on the main Copy system page or follow the link. This link will open the form for adding trading account to the copy system. In the corresponding fields "Trading account" and "Password" you need to enter the data (Login and trader password) from your trading account, registered earlier in the Personal Cabinet. You can find the data from your trading account on your email.

Adding trading account in the Atirox Copy system

5. Now you need to choose your role in the copy system - “Follower” or “Master”. You can do this on the main Copy system page by clicking in the top menu "Become a follower". You can also go to the "My Accounts" tab by selecting the appropriate item in the main Copy system menu. In the window that opens, in the plate opposite your trading account, click either "Follower".

Follower becoming Atirox Copy system

6. After clicking "Become a follower" you get to the ranking table of all Copy masters. Select the master and click "Copy" in the table of masters, opposite the copy master that interest you.

Copy master choosing

You can only select the master whose type of trading account matches the type of your trading account. Note: If you opened a CLASSIC account, you can copy the deals of masters who only have a CLASSIC account too. Accounts of masters from which you cannot copy transactions due to account mismatch will be highlighted in red.

Types of copy accounts

7. When you click a "Copy" button, a window opens in which you need to select the subscription options.

Atirox copy system parametrs

7.1 First, you need to select a "Subscription Type". There are two types of subscription to Copy masters, namely "Time Based" and "Order based".

Having chosen the "Time based" option, the follower can choose the duration of the subscription to the Master (week, month, three months, six months, a year). The prices for different periods of subscription are set by the Copy master. By choosing the length of the subscription period, the user gets access to the Copy master transactions for the selected period. Money for the selected subscription period will be debited from the user's trading account after he clicks "Subscribe" in this window, immediately after subscribing to the master. (Don't forget to deposit you trading account. To subscribe for any master, you will need the funds on your account.) Also, before clicking "Subscribe", the user can check the box "Auto renew subscribe", which will automatically renew the subscription to the master with the same parameters with which it was activated for the first time. The subscription will be renewed automatically, provided that the follower’s balance has enough funds to issue a new subscription period.

By choosing the "Order based" option - in the Subscription Type field, the follower will pay a fixed price (set by the master) to the master for each copied transaction. The "Order based" type of subscription offers the following payment options for copied transactions:

- "Per order" - a fixed price set by the master for each copied transaction. The price is indicated in cash.

- "Each profitable order" - with this option, the follower pays the master for each profitable transaction a certain percentage of the profit for this transaction.

- "Rollover" - This option means that the Copy master at any time while his follower has a subscription to it, can deduct a certain percentage indicated by him from all profitable transactions that the follower copied from the moment of subscribing to the master.

- "Per lot" - means that the follower will pay the master a certain fixed price, specified by the master, for each sold lot.

7.2 The next step, in the "Choose your account" field, the follower must select one of his previously registered in the Copy system accounts with which he wants to subscribe to the Copy master.

7.3 Next, in the "Choose copy type" field, the follower needs to select the type of copying master deals. The following options are available for selection: "Standart", "Fixed", "Partial", "Promotional".

- "Standart" - means that the master’s transactions will be copied by the follower in a 1: 1 ratio. For example, the master opened a deal for $ 100, which means the follower will also open a deal for $100. If the master has opened a transaction for an amount exceeding the follower's balance, then the follower will not open this transaction, which he will be notified by a special notification in the Copy system.

- "Fixed" - this type of copying allows the follower to specify a fixed volume of transactions (lot volume) that will be copied from the master. It means that no matter what kind of deal the master makes, the follower will copy the master’s deal, but with the indicated fixed volume. To configure this type of copying, you need to select "Fixed" in the "Choose copy type" field and after that, under the "Choose copy type" field, another "Order volume" field will appear, in which the follower must specify a fixed volume of transactions for their further copying from the master in the specified volume.

- "Partial" - this type of copying allows the follower to specify a certain amount for copying the master’s transactions in percentage terms. To configure this type of copying, you need to select "Partial" in the "Choose copy type" field, after which, under the "Choose copy type" field, another "Percent of master order" field will appear, in which the follower must specify a fixed volume of transactions in percent, for further copying them from the master in the specified volume.

- "Proportional" - this type of copying allows the follower to copy all transactions of the master in an even proportion. This means that it does not matter what amount is on the balance of the follower and the master. For example, the master has $1000 balance, and the follower has $100. The master opens a deal for $100, which means that the follower will open a deal for $10.

8. Next, click the "Subscribe" button, after which the subscription to the selected master is activated. The follower will receive an email with all the information about his subscription.

Become a follower

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