How to become a copy master - full manual

An account participating in other services of a company cannot be registered as Copy Master or Copy - Follower.

1. Register Atirox profile by filling out all the form fields on the registration page.

Atirox Registration page

2. Login your profile and Open any trading account in your personal cabinet

Opening Atirox trading account
Opening Atirox trading account

3. Receive confirmation email with the data from your new trading account (You need Login and Trader password).

Atirox Email confirmation

4. Register in the copy system using the same email that you used to register the Atirox profile.

Registration page of Atirox Copy system

- Now log in the Copy system and Add your trading account previously registered in the personal cabinet from step 2 to the Copy System. In order to do this, you need to click "Add Account" in the top menu on the main Copy system page or follow the link. This link will open the form for adding trading account to the copy system. In the corresponding fields "Trading account" and "Password" you need to enter the data from your trading account (Login and Trader password), registered earlier in the Personal Cabinet. You can find the data from your trading account on your email.

Adding trading account in the Atirox Copy system

5. Now you need to choose your role in the copy system - “Follower” or “Master”. You can do this on the main Copy system page by clicking in the top menu "Become a master". You can also go to the "My Accounts" tab by selecting the appropriate item in the main Copy system menu. In the window that opens, in the plate opposite your trading account, click either "Master".

Becoming Atirox Copy System Master

6. After clicking "Become a master" you get to the setup page of your master account, where you need to configure all the subscription options.

You should have at least 3 closed orders on your account to complete the Copy Master registration process!

Becoming Atirox Copy System Master

6.1 In the "Account" field, you need to select one of your opened trading accounts, which you want to make a Copy master account.

7. Next, in the "Trader info" section, you must specify information about the trading style of the master. There are three fields for this.

7.1 In the "Trading method" field, the master must select a trading method. Three methods are available for selection:

- "Manual" - this method means that the master trades completely in manual mode, without using any trading robots.

- "Semi-automated" - The master uses a semi-automatic trading method, resorting to the help of robots and advisers, but controlling the main processes in manual mode.

- "Full auto" - The master trades automatically using robotic advisers.

7.2 In the "Trading Type" field, the master indicates which type of trade he prefers. There are 5 types of trading to choose from that describe the main trading strategies.

- "Scalping"

- "Momentum"

- "Technical"

- "Fundamental"

- "Swing"

7.3 In the field "Trading Style" - the master indicates the trading style that he prefers. Information is entered manually in this field. Examples of trading styles "Trend, Intraday" and etc...

8. In the "Available subscription types" section, the master sets up the parameters of his master account, which will directly affect the trading accounts of its subscribers.

8.1 On the left side, in the "Available subscription types" section, there are fields that help you configure the periods of possible subscription for potential subscribers (if subscribers chose the "Time Based" option for subscribing to the master), and the price for these periods. In order to activate one of the available subscription periods (Week, Month, Three months, Six months, Year) and set the price for this period, you need to click "+" near the period that the master wants to do in the corresponding field on the left side available for subscription. After you clicked "+", the price for the specified subscription period will change in the corresponding field. The master must adjust the price using the "+" and "-" buttons or, manually enter the price on the keyboard, after setting the cursor in the field of the required subscription period. Fields that remain inactive will not be included in the list of available periods for the subscription of the master and accordingly cannot be selected subscribers.

8.2 On the right side, in the "Available subscription types" section, there are 4 fields that enable the master to adjust the size of the commission for a subscription type such as "Order Based", which means set fixed prices for copying his transactions.

- The first field - "Percent each profitable order" allows the master to set the percentage of his commission, which he will receive from each profitable transaction copied by his subscriber. For example, setting the level to 20%, the master will receive 20% of the profit from each successful transaction made by him, which is copied by his subscribers.

- In the "Fixed price per order" field, the master sets a fixed price in $, which he will receive from the subscriber for each transaction copied by the subscriber (regardless of its profitability).

- In the "Fixed price per full lot" field, the master sets a fixed price in $, which he will receive from the subscriber for each LOT copied by the subscriber.

- In the "Rollover" field a fixed percentage is entered (at the discretion of the master), which allow master to write off the specified percentage from all profitable transactions that the subscriber copied from the master.

9. Checkmark - "Collect account last year trades to generate rating" allows the master to include his statistics of previous transactions (before he became a master) in the schedule of his transactions, which is displayed in the overall rating of the master's mine. If the master leaves this checkbox inactive, the statistics of his trade completed before he became a master will not be included in his master’s Copy rating.

10. Click "Submit" thereby completing the registration of the master account.

Become a master

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