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What is Atirox Copy system?

Atirox Copy System is a service of copying deals, which allows followers to copy the transactions of the most successful traders and in turn, traders get the opportunity to have an additional income by sharing their experience with their followers. Registration in the system and configure the copy parameters takes only a few minutes.

The main advantage of the system is its reliability. The follower fully controls the situation, as the funds remain on his account. He sets up the system for his own needs and can independently cancel the copied transactions, if in his opinion, the transactions bear unreasonable risks.

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Advantages of Copy Trading

Transparent Atirox Copy System


A transparent and understandable operation scheme

Flexibility parametrs of Copy System Atirox


Flexible customization of all copying transactions parameters

Atirox live support

Live Support

Responsive 24/5 Online Live Support

Atirox payment systems

All payments systems

Wide choice of payment systems to deposit and withdraw your funds

Atirox broker conditions

Optimal conditions

To start using Atirox Copy FX System you need to make a deposit of only $1

Atirox Copy Systems Security


Trading takes place on your account and you completely control the process

Forex Copy Follower

About Copy Follower

The copying system provides an opportunity to copy transactions of other, more experienced traders. If you do not have enough experience in the Forex market or do not have enough time for independent, professional trading, the role of a copy follower is well suited for you. You will be able to independently select the Trader whose transactions you want to copy and configure in detail all the necessary copy parameters. Find out more on the copy follower page.

About Copy Master

Using the Atirox Copy System, experienced Forex players have the opportunity to receive additional income from their deals. To do this, trader should register in the Copy system as a Master, configure the copy settings, set the price for a subscription to account and start trading. A copy Master's account will be added to the rating of all Masters, where many potential followers will see it. Just share your expirience and increase your profit! Find out more on the Copy Master page.

Forex Copy Master

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