Forex broker Atirox Inc. partners with Serenity

We are pleased to announce our new partner — Atirox Forex broker.

Atirox Inc. is a pure ECN/STP Forex brokerage, which allows them to bring the best pricing and liquidity to clients. The company offers competitive spreads and one of the lowest commissions in the industry. Atirox is well represented in Asia, CIS countries, Africa and the Middle and the Far East. Established in 2015 the company has become a well-known market player in the regions.

Atirox representative: «We believe Serenity can become and industry standard that will protect individual traders as well as other market participants from deception and fraud. Serenity aims to make FX and CFD markets more transparent and a safer place for retail traders who are the most vulnerable party in the financial markets.»

About Serenity
Serenity is the first blockchain escrow for financial and cryptocurrency markets. It unites financial companies from any jurisdiction and traders from all around the world. Thanks to the depository system and blockchain technology, the platform guarantees the fairness of all trades and solves many issues for both the brokers and their clients. Serenity platform ensures the security of traders’ deals and funds.

The results of the demo contest “Chasing Mavericks” for April

Dear clients,

The next stage of the “Chasing Mavericks” contest is over!
Everyone wanted to get the most out of the market, but the finish came only three! Three winners!

1. adigun oluwaseun layiwola – Nigeria – 168 638.43$

2. surya hasani – Indonesia – 89 796.26$

3. RASHEDA KHANOM – Bangladesh – 73 335.10$

The winners will be awarded prizes today and can take part in the next stage of the competition already. And it is possible to conquer the top again!

Sincerely, Atirox team

Full upgrade of the Personal Cabinet

Dear Clients!

We are informing you about important news!

For reason of the modernization, improvement of all mechanisms of work, as well as design in the Personal Cabinet, we made a massive upgrade of the entire system.
The new Personal Cabinet has become more modern, much more convenient, faster and more functional.

Now the Personal Cabinet works under the link

You can access the Personal Area using the same access as before. Please familiarize yourself with the new functionality of the Personal Cabinet and contact our Support Department by On-line chat or e-mail if you have any questions.

Changing trading sessions

Dear traders,

We would like to inform you that trading sessions for the following instruments will be closed on 30th March 2018 due to Good Friday celebrations worldwide:

-Shares US
-Shares EU

Perubahan jadwal perdagangan karena daylight saving time (DST) yang akan datang


Klien yang terhormat!

Sehubungan dengan perubahan daylight saving time (DST) mendatang, kami ingin memberitahukannya kepada Anda bahwa dari 11 Maret 2018 (ketika DST dimulai di Amerika Serikat) sampai dengan dan termasuk 25 Maret 2018 (saat DST dimulai di Eropa), waktu server Atirox – terlihat di chart terminal Anda – akan diatur untuk sementara GMT + 1.

Akibatnya, semua pasangan FX dan Commodities, serta semua instrumen berdasarkan waktu dan 24 jam AS, akan dibuka dan ditutup 1 jam sebelumnya.

Sangat disarankan agar Anda meninjau dan akhirnya menyesuaikan pengaaturaan EA yang berjalan yang mungkin terpengaruh oleh pembaruan ini. Ini akan membantu Anda mencegah situasi tak terduga.

Hormat kami,


Peluncuran Kontes Demo “Chasing Mavericks”


Klien yang terhormat!

Kami informasikan kepada anda tentang peluncuran kontes demo “Chasing Mavericks”!

Semua trader yang menggunakan platform Atirox dapat ikut berpartisipasi. Hanya cukup membuka akun demo dengan deposit $ 10,000 dan mengirimkan formulir aplikasi pada website

Kami menunggu persaingan yang hebat dan emosional! Dan ini semua tergantung pada seberapa cepat anda dapat mencapai tujuan utama dan menjadi pemimpin di peringkat pertama!


Hadiah pertama – $1,250

Hadiah kedua – $750

Hadiah ketiga – $500

Dan jika anda menjadi pemenang pada keseluruhan kontes di tahun 2018, maka total hadiah yang akan anda terima adalah $15,000 sebagai hadiah tahunan dari perusahaan untuk semua pemenang utama!

Hadiah sudah menanti anda! Bergabunglah dan taklukkan pasar untuk mendapatkan hadiah anda!

Changes in the trading session on February 23


Dear clients,

We inform you that on February 23, 2018, trades on USDRUB and USDEUR will be carried out according to the changed schedule.

– 23.02.2018 – trade is closed

– 26.02.2018 – resumption of trading on the usual schedule

Sincerely, Atirox Team

Changes in trading sessions

Presedent's Day in USA

Changes in trading sessions (Presidents’ Day in the US)

Dear client,

We inform you that on February 19, 2018, due to the celebration of the Presidents’ Day in the United States, trade sessions will be changed for trading in metals, as well as for a number of CFDs.

Trade schedule for metals (XAUUSD, XAGUSD)

19.02.2018 – closing of the trade at 18:00 on server time.
20.02.2018 – resumption of trading on the usual schedule.

Trading schedule for CFD for oil (WTNUSD, LCOUSD)

19.02.2018 – closing of trades at 18:00 on server time.
20.02.2018 – resumption of trading on the usual schedule.

Trading schedule for CFDs for indices (CAC40, DAX30, SPX, Japan225)

19.02.2018 – closing of trades at 18:00 on server time.
20.02.2018 – resumption of trading on the usual schedule.