Bonus 50%

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Your promo code:

Bonus accrual immediately after replenishment

Trade with higher margin

Bonus up to $12,000 to your account

Each depoisit => +50% bonus

Funds are credited to the credit field

Atirox Deposit bonus 50%

How does it work?

Get Atirox forex bonus
Deposit from 10 USD/EUR/GBP
Deposit from $10 and enter Promo code: BONUS50 in Bonus code field to get bonus automatocally!
Use more margin with Atirox broker
Bonus credited to the account
The credit bonus is credited to the “Credit” field of the MT4 trading account (the value of the “Balance” field does not change) and gives you an opportunity to increase the volume of the trading.
Cancelation of Atirox bonus
Cancellation of bonus
When equity drops to the level of credit bonus, the credit bonus will be written off and the open positions will be automatically closed.

Example: You topped up your account with $500 and got credit bonus of $250 which is shown in the “Credit” field. If the losses in your account equals to $250, credit bonus will be automatically camcelled and open trades will be closed. Balance and funds on your trading account will be equal to 0.
NOTE: MT4 Accouunts Crypto and Pro do not participate in the promotion.