Installation manual

of MetaTrader4 for MAC Operating System

Terminal Installation on Mac OS

Free program Wine software lets MAC OS PC users to install the MetaTrader 4 terminal. It permits UNIX based framework to introduce applications made for Windows-based frameworks.

In any case, although it is a valuable tool, its capacity and functions might be constrained.

Wine-based program PlayOnMac is what we encourage users to employ to install MT4 on MAC OS. With no issue, you can run Windows applications.

PlayOnMac Installation guide

To install it, check the official site and search the Downloads page. Download the latest by clicking the link.

PlayOnMac Installation

From Downloads, dispatch the DMG installation file.

PlayOnMac Installation process

The PlayOnMac installation window will pop. By clicking the "Next" button, the components will begin to be inspected and installed.

PlayonMac Launcher

The most significant element is XQuartz, a strong programming for using X Window System on Mac OS. It allows normal devices and conventions to create graphical user interfaces in Unix-like OS.

installation of quartz

Select "Don't install XQuartz for the moment" if you wish not to download it right now. Select "I've downloaded file by myself", if you've just downloaded XQuartz.

To install it, first peruse some essential data (Read Me) and adhere to the license agreement.

installation of quartz - step 2

For installation to push through, MAC OS will request your password.

installation of quartz - step 3

Let it be completed and reboot your PC to see the changes and avoid any problems.

installation of quartz - step 4

Open PlayOnMac after rebooting the device in the Downloads folder. The launch window will pop up and you'll be asked by the installer to install the appropriate MS Windows font.

Sign the license agreement to proceed. PlayOnMac could be used, and its key window will be shown.

PlayOnMac Opened Window

Updating Wine

Wine v. 1.4 is enabled with PlayOnMac, and actually the newest version. A further download option is available with Wine 1.4.1. It's however possible to be a little unstable, so it's suggested to stick to the latest version.

Open PlayOnMac from the upper menu, and pick Manage Wine Versions for the most updated version.

wine versions

All of Wine's versions will be shown. Choose the newest (1.5.21) version.

wine versions

When you move window's right side, the installation will begin.

Once finished, Wine's latest version will pop in the manager window at the left of PlayOnMac Wine versions. Install the trading terminal after the window's closed.

Terminal Installation

Get the mt4setup.exe to install. Once it's complete, open the setup file and PlayOnMac will open it.


The process of installing the terminal will begin:

Instalation of MT4 for MAC OS

Once done, you'd be asked to generate the shortcuts for the terminal components - the client terminal and MetaEditor:


The terminal might be used following setting up the shortcuts. To launch the terminal, double click on the PlayOnMac window.

Known Issues

Once more, Wine is certifiably not a steady program, so a portion of its capacities might not work appropriately. The accompanying problems are seen up until this point:

  • Market is unavailable

Other than the above-mentioned problems, you could appreciate client terminal's functions on MAC OS.

Terminal Data Directory

PlayOnMac has a different virtual logical drive with appropriate environment for each program enabled. Here's the default path of the Data folder of the installed terminal:

Library\PlayOnMac\WinePrefix\Client_Terminal_\Drive C\Program Files\Client Terminal

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