Atirox PAMM System

Investments in professional traders


About pamm accounts

An investor can connect to any Managers of his/her choice. Once connected to the Manager's PAMM account, the investor puts funds to the Manager to increase cash flow.

The profit the Manager has earned will automatically be proportionally distributed between him and among his investors. For every successful transaction, the Manager receives fees from his investors.

PAMM system is an investment tool where investors have the ability to earn in the Forex trading with the help of experienced traders. The latter then can increase their profits through commissions.

Atirox PAMM profit distribution scheme

Profit distribution scheme

PAMM System Advantages

PAMM system security


Investors are assured that Managers can't access their funds

Atirox PAMM system Flexibility


The investor can invest any amount he wants

Atirox PAMM system Accuracy


The system employs automatic calculations

Risk Diversity


The Managers are carefully screened to make sure Investors pick the right Manager for them

How it works?


Are you someone successful in the Forex market? Earn unlimited commissions by being a Manager in Atirox's PAMM System. Attract investors and generate endless income now! The system does all the calculations so you can focus more on trading and building your wealth.


Want to earn in the Forex market but don't have enough knowledge or skill? Then Atirox's PAMM system is for you! With the system, you can start earning with the help of professional managers. Select a manager that fits your needs from our ranking for safe investment.

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