Ramadan Forex Bonus

Airox wants to greet all Muslims with the holiest and most awaited holiday of Ramadan. May it bring endless moments of joy and happiness to your life. Get a 100% bonus to your account when depositing from $150 to $1000 during all Ramadan period!

Bonus available: April 23, 2020 - June 6, 2020

How to get Ramadan Bonus

Just follow a few simple steps:

Step 1

Register* Atirox profile if you haven’t done this before. Then open a CLASSIC or FIX trading account with a maximum leverage of 1:500.

Step 2

Deposit your account with an amount from $150 to $1000 by using one of available payment methods.

Step 3

Fill in the form below and check out your E-mail. Don't forget to read the bonus terms and conditions.

Step 4

After you recieve confirmation on Email just start your trading and enjoy!

*If you already have an Atirox profile and CLASSIC or FIX trading account you can skip the first step and start from step two. Only accounts with a leverage of no more than 1:500 can get a Ramadan Bonus!

Please, fill out the form below
to get a Ramadan Bonus.

By submitting a form, you automatically agree to all the terms and conditions of the Bonus.

Bonus features

All trading instruments are available;

Only CLASSIC and FIX trading account allowed;

Available maximum leverage is 1:500;

Minimum necessary deposit to get the bonus is $150;

You can only get one Ramadan Bonus per one trading account.

Ready to start?

Download the best trading platform for your device - MetaTrader 4 and start your trading!

Terms and Conditions

1. General Provisions:

The Bonus is titled «Ramadan Forex Bonus» (hereinafter "Bonus").

The Bonus is held by Atirox Inc (hereinafter "Organizer").

The Bonus will be held for one (1) month and is open to all Atirox clients.

Bonus is available from: April 23, 2020.

Bonus End Date: June 6, 2020.

Only Classic and Fix trading account is allowed to get the Bonus.

The maximum allowable leverage is 1:500.

All type of trading instruments is allowed to use.

To get the Bonus, you must have an Atirox profile and Classic or Fix trading account for which you need to make a minimum deposit of $150 but no more of $1000. Having fulfilled these conditions, it is necessary to fill out the bonus form.

The bonus is available for receiving only once from one trading account.

The bonus cannot be received on the account that already has other bonuses or which participates in another promotion of the Company, or if it is connected to one of the company's services - PAMM or Copy.

After the end of the promotion, all Ramadan bonuses will be canceled.

2. Withdrawal of bonus funds:

The Ramadan bonus can be withdrawn under the following conditions: bonus amount / 7 = XX lot, which must be purchased.

Profits received from trading bonus funds can be withdrawn without restrictions, but in this case the Ramadan bonus will be canceled. In case of partial withdrawal of own funds from the account, Ramadan bonus will also be canceled.

3. Other conditions:

Company has the right to change the terms of the Bonus at any time without special notice.

All disputes and disagreements that may arise in connection with the Bonus shall be resolved through negotiations.

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