Road to profit

Hot Atirox traders contest!


This competition is held among the traders of the company and provides an opportunity to become the owner of a Honda motorcycle, as well as a number of valuable prizes and cash rewards.

How to participate

1. Register and open trading account

To participate the Contest, you should have an Atirox profile and trading account. If you don't have it yet, you can register it now follow to the personal cabinet registration page. After registration, log in your account and click "Open account" link in left side menu. Then choose the account type, leverage size and click "create" button.

2. Submit your application for participate

When you already have an Atirox profile and opened trading account fill out the form below and submit an application for participation in the contest. You must enter only the same data that was used to register your profile from step 1.

Please, fill out the form below
to participate the contest!

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3. Check out your email and start your trading!

After you receive confirmation of your application on email, just start your trading and show the good result. Your account will be added to participations ranking where you can see your own result and also the results of the other participants.

Contest prizes

Road to Profit main prize - Honda CB650F

1st prize

Honda CB650F

iMac Retina 4k Forex contest prize

2nd prize

iMac Retina 4K

Asus Zen Book 14

3rd prize

Asus Zen Book 14

Samsung Galaxy S10 - Atirox contest prize

4th prize

Samsung Galaxy S10

Apple Watch 4

5th prize

Apple Watch 4

Sennheiser headphones

6th prize

Sennheiser headphones

500 USD

7th prize

500 USD

250 USD

8th prize

250 USD

Terms and conditions

1. General Provisions:

  • 1.1. The Contest is titled "Road to Profit" (hereinafter "Contest").
  • 1.2. The Contest is held by Atirox Inc (hereinafter "Organizer").
  • 1.3. The 18th stage of the Contest will be held for one (1) month and is open to all Atirox clients.
  • 1.4. Contest start date: June 1, 2020.
  • 1.5. Contest end date: June 30, 2020.
  • 1.6. Date of announcement of the Contest results: July 5, 2020.
  • 1.7. To take part in the Contest, the client must have a fully verified Profile and at least 1 (one) trading account that is not archived during the Contest period.
  • 1.8. Clients who are registered during the Contest period shall only be considered for the Contest. Any client registered on or before and after the Contest period will not be taken into the account for volume calculation.
  • 1.9. Trading accounts which taking part in other Company`s Contests based on trading volume calculation cannot participate in this Contest.

2. Qualification rules:

  • 2.1. After registering in the Contest, each client`s account must qualify gaining minimum performance.
  • 2.2. Minimum indicator - 0.1 standard lots, acquired by trading.
  • 2.3. After passing the minimum qualification, the trading account of the participant will be added to the rating of the Contest participants.

3. Principle of Calculation:

  • 3.1. The Contest is based on the calculation of the trading volume made on Trading account.
  • 3.2. Only active client accounts during the Contest period will be considered for the calculation of volume.
  • 3.3. Only closed deals (trades) are taken into calculation. Open trades will not contribute in volume calculation.
  • 3.4. Calculation of trading volume based on Standard lot (100,000 units). For Micro account calculation will be based on Standard lot, 1 Micro lot = 0.10 Standard lot.

4. Prizes:

  • The prize pool of each Contest stage equals $89,000 and is distributed among the winners according to the following list:
    • Main prize: Motorcycle Honda CB650F
    • 2nd prize: iMac Retina 4k computer
    • 3rd prize: Asus Zen book 14 laptop
    • 4th prize: Samsung Galaxy S10 1TB
    • 5th prize: Apple Watch 4
    • 6th prize: Sennheiser true wireless headphones
    • 7th prize: $500 cash reward
    • 8th prize: $250 cash reward

5. Principle of distribution of prizes:

  • 5.1. In order to qualify for one of the prizes, it is necessary to qualify by getting the minimum value of the lots traded by Client`s trading account:
  • Prize Amount of prizes Traded volume
    Honda CB650F 1 Min. 250 standard lots
    iMac Retina 4k
    1 Min. 150 standard lots
    Asus Zen book 14 1 Min. 120 standard lots
    Samsung Galaxy S10 1TB 1 Min. 100 standard lots
    Apple Watch 4 1 Min. 60 standard lots
    Sennheiser true wireless headphones 1 Min. 50 standart lots
    $500 withdrawable cash 3 Min. 40 standard lots
    $250 withdrawable cash 6 Min. 30 standard lots
  • 5.2. The winner of each prize is determined by choosing from clients who qualified in one of the categories of prizes, as the one who collected the largest number of traded lot.
  • 5.3. Participant has the right to declare his desire to participate in the drawing of a prize from the lower category than he/she was qualified.

6. Other conditions:

  • 6.1. Company has the right to change the terms of the Contest at any time without special notice.
  • 6.2. All disputes and disagreements that may arise in connection with the Contest and its results shall be resolved through negotiations.
  • 6.3. If the winner of the Contest refuses to comply with all its conditions and rules, they shall be disqualified from the Contest.
  • 6.4. The winners of the Contest are invited to participate in advertising and marketing events held by Atirox, such as interviews, photo and video reports, press releases in the media about the Contest. At the same time, Atirox undertakes not to distribute personal data of the winners (including the name) without their consent.

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