Trade Commodities

Investing in commodities is ideal because economic crises don't affect them too much. Investors can diversify their portfolio without worrying too much about the market. Trade commodities like gold, silver, and oil with a pure STP broker, Atirox. Enjoy one of the highest leverage in the market, lowest spreads, and lower fees and commissions. Trading commodities should never be expensive. Sign up for an account now.

Commodities trading at one glance

Atirox makes sure you are not charged with any commission, allowing you to reach maximum profit potential

Low spreads. Trading commodities with Atirox is cheaper because of lower and tighter spreads

Atirox provides you higher leverage so you can do more with less. We amplify your deposit to make sure your gains are also amplified

When bonds and stocks fall, the prices of commodities rise. Therefore commodities can be used to hedge our portfolio.

Commodity can serve as a safe haven in global economic uncertainty and market instability, as they retain physical value.

Trading without actually owning the financial instrument on which the contract is based

More about Commodities

Instrument Contract Size Min. Trade Size Max. Trade Size
XTIUSD 1,000 barrels 0.01 lot 20 lots
XBRUSD 1,000 barrels 0.01 lot 20 lots
XNGUSD 10,000 MMBtu 0.01 lot 20 lots

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