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Learn more, and get access to a plethora of the world's largest indices. Start trading indices with lower fees at Atirox. Also, enjoy seamless trading with our advanced trading platforms - the MT4 and mobile trading available for Android and iOs users. Don’t get left behind - start growing your wealth with index trading.

Indices Trading at quick glance

Fundamental investors are into indices trading

The movements of indices represent an entire market

An index's value has the ability to reflect a whole economic sector

For long hours of trading, indices are recommended

If you want to diversify your portfolio, indices are a great option

Enjoy indices trading 24 hours a day with Atirox

More about indicies

Instrument Currency Min. Trade Size Max. Trade Size
AUS200 Australian Dollar 1 lot 250 lots
EUSTX50 Euro 1 lot 500 lots
FRA40 Euro 1 lot 1,000 lots
GER30 Euro 1 lot 1,000 lots
HK50 Hong Kong Dollar 1 lot 1,000 lots
JPN225 Yen 1 lot 25,000 lots
NAS100 US Dollar 1 lot 2,000 lots
SPA35 Euro 1 lot 250 lots
SWI20 Swiss Franc 1 lot 250 lots
UK100 British Pound 1 lot 1,000 lots
US30 US Dollar 1 lot 2,500 lots
US500 US Dollar 1 lot 1,000 lots
US2000 US Dollar 1 lot 250 lots

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