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Credited as safe haven assets, gold and silver are precious metals which are largely being traded in the world. When uncertainty hits the economy, investors hold onto these assets for safe trading. Ready to join the world of these precious metals? Join Atirox for stable trading experience of gold and silver.

A look at metals trading

Traders see gold and silver as safe haven assets, making them famous among investors

During economic instability, prices of metals tend to be more stable than those of currencies

Trading metals does not depend on overall market moves

Since the beginning of time, gold and silver have been regarded as the first currencies

With an Atirox trading account, you can trade the most well-known metals like gold and silver

Atirox is ready to help you every step of the way

More about metals

Instrument Contract Size Min. Trade Size Max. Trade Size
XAUUSD 100 oz 0.01 lot 100 lots
XAGUSD 5,000 oz 0.01 lot 100 lots
XAUEUR 100 oz 0.01 lot 100 lots
XAGEUR 5,000 oz 0.01 lot 100 lots
XPTUSD 100 oz 0.01 lot 100 lots
XPDUSD 100 oz 0.01 Lot 100 Lot

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