Welcome Bonus

Get the freedom to trade!

Benefits of working with

Bonus accrual after deposit $1 and request to bonus

Bonus available for new client once only!

Profit is available for withdrawal

Maximum amount of profit withdrawal – $200

Atirox Forex Welcome bonus

How does it work?

How to get Atirox forex bonus
Deposit 1 USD
Deposit 1 USD for verification your account and upload your documents. Then start trading with Welcome bonus!
Test forex trading with Atirox broker
Welcome Bonus available on account
Welcome bonus is credited to the “Credit” field of the MT4 trading account (the value of the “Balance” field does not change) and gives you an opportunity open orders for trading.
Cancelation of Atirox forex bonus
Cancellation of bonus
Welcome Bonus is give for 1 month. After the cancellation of the Welcome bonus, the profit is available for further trading.

Example: You deposited your account with $1, verified it and got Welcome bonus 50USD or 50USM which is shown in the “Credit” field. Then start trading and can withdraw your profit.
NOTE: Crypto and Pro accounts do not participate in the promotion.


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